Experience our great Norrcycle bamboo bikes! They offer high sustainability, fantastic riding qualities and high durability for all bike lovers. Norrcycle bikes are designed in Sweden and produced in Germany and are by nature as unique as your fingerprint!

Individuality and Diversity

While materials like aluminum or steel will lose perfection and attraction over time, the character of natural materials like bamboo, wood or natural fabrics just gets stronger over time. This means that each Norrcycle bike retains its unique look, feel and style as well.

We are all unique and special – diversity makes our societies so rich! At Norrcycle we aim to reflect this diversity by creating individualized bikes that underline each cyclists personality. Like every person, each Norrcycle has its own fingerprint by nature.

We collaborate with different specialist to make your Norrcycle unique. Please contact us directly about the possibilities and your wishes or ideas to collaborate with us. You are warmly invited to individualize your bike as it fits to you and we would love to hear your story about it.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant and absorbs the most carbon per square meter – it can grow up to 90 cm a day. Norrcycle frames are made out of “materialized CO2”. Our bikes are durable, last for a long time and avoid the use of conventional materials that have a high carbon footprint. 

Norrcycle bikes are glued with a solvent free high-performance adhesive developed in the boat industry, which contains a high amount of plant-based ingredients. We are continuously striving to further reduce our carbon footprint. 1

 If you like waxing your natural leather shoes we recommend our natural hard oil protection from  Kreidezeit. It looks great and offers a very durable protection. You just have to care  about once a year in refreshing the protection with a simple cloth and natural hard oil.  The bike will can get a beautiful patina without functional problems. 

The boat varnish we offer is glossy and protects your bike for a long time without taking care. But it is not a better protection compared to the oil if you care about it and don´t store your  bike under water.  

Carbon neutral bike

Have we now a carbon neutral bike? No, we are further than conventional bikes but we still need metal and rubber for technical reasons. Our goal is to reduce materials with a negative carbon footprint much as reasonable in the future but we will probably always emit more Carbon than storing it. 

Great that we have met Bamboo Village Uganda to compensate our footprint and support a great project that protects the soil, offers work, houses….. check out the project, you will probably love it as well. 

ISO 4210

Safety and durability

We care about the stability and durability of the Norrcycle frames so you can enjoy biking. Therefore, the frame got tested by German test institute EFBE for safety and durability just like a conventional bike (simulation of a 10-year use cycle) – and it passed with flying colors! The bike is now certified according to ISO 4210. 

Safety and durability starts with the selection of the material. Our bamboo boards are manufactured by an experienced skateboard supplier. Skateboards endure lots of rough usage, and bamboo boards are almost unbreakable. Bamboo is a fiber material that is significantly less brittle than aluminum, and more impact-resistant than carbon fiber. The material fatigue of bamboo under load is very low compared with metals. 

In order to increase the Norrcycle bikes durability, we learned from boat builders how to protect the surfaces of our bikes. 

Why bamboo?

Wood and bamboo have been used as efficient and long lasting construction material in houses, bridges, skateboards, skis, lightweight air planes, and boats – so why should it not work for bikes as well? Skateboards out of bamboo are almost unbreakable and zou  The more we worked with our bamboo plates from an expert the more we loved it. It looks good, it is environmental friendly, and we can produce light, stiff yet flexible bike frames out of it that resist all natural weather.

We use bamboo as construction material and use metal only where necessary. Over time, the goal is to replace as much metal as possible. 


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