Norrcycle bikes are designed in Sweden and produced in Germany with sustainablity in mind.
Due to our magic ingredient bamboo our
bikes are light, stiff and flexible, all at the same time!





It would not be a sustainable bike if it was not durable. Buying a bike should be a long term investment. 

  • Tested for 2 years under harsh nordic weather conditions. 
  • Certified according to ISO 4210 to guarantee you durability and safety. 
  • Quality tested at EFBE institute

Using a bike in itself is a fantastic solution for the environment, but why stop there?

  • Addition to bamboo being a natural material it also houses CO2 in the actual frame.
  • Bamboo grows up to 1 meter a day which makes it sustainable to produce.
  • We compensate our CO2 and strive to achieve humane condition for everyone.

This bike is light and as stiff as any high-end aluminum bike! But we also have flexibility! 

  • Bamboo has a unique function of absorbing chocks and is extremely hard to crack!
  • Light and stiff like any other bike!
  • Looks dope! This bike sticks out in the masses with style!

Individuality and Diversity

Natural material – The character of natural materials like bamboo, wood or natural fabrics just gets stronger over time. This means that each Norrcycle bike retains its unique look, feel and style as well.

Diversity –  At Norrcycle we aim to reflect this diversity by creating individualized bikes that underline each cyclists personality. Like every person, each Norrcycle has its own fingerprint by nature.

Unique – We collaborate with different specialist and artists to make your Norrcycle unique. Contact us directly for possibilities or ideas to collaborate with us.


Grow – Bamboo is the fastest growing plant we know of and can grow up to 91 cm a day. This means we can produce our bike-frames in fast and sustainable manner. 

Absorbs CO2 – Bamboo absorbs a record high amount of carbon per square meter. This is a big deal since the excess CO2 is one of the biggest climate issues we are facing right now. 

Compensate our footprint – We want to go the extra mile and overcompensate our carbon footprint. We are proud partners with Carbon Suckers to make this a reality!

You’re a hero –  When you buy our bike you become your own hero! Your contributing to saving the planet and your own health at the same time. 

Safety and durability

Quality certified –  Our bikes have been tested by institute EFBE for safety and durability (simulation of a 10-year use cycle) The bike is now certified according to ISO 4210. 

Material – Safety and durability starts with the selection of the material. Bamboo is a fiber material that is significantly less brittle than aluminum and more impact-resistant than carbon fiber. The Bamboo boards we use are almost unbreakable. 

Weather & water – We treat our bike frames like you would treat a boat. We learned from boat builders on how to protect the surfaces of our bikes to withstand even the harshest conditions! Built and tested in the tough conditions of the Nordic climate.

ISO 4210

Why bamboo?

Wood and bamboo have been efficiently used in construction material in houses, bridges, skis, lightweight air planes, and boats – so why should it not work for bikes as well? 

  • Light + Stiff + Flexible = Almost unbreakable 
  • A natural material that is different and looks good, even as it ages!
  • Environmental friendly in every-way!

Contact us

Henning Schnurr
Skytteskogsgatan 3
412 51 Göteborg
+46 (0)704268016

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