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Henning Schnurr
Tony Hultén
Ida Näslund
Niklas Åkerström

We love natural bikes 

We have always been fascinated by the technical properties of bamboo, its great sustainability in efficient CO2 absorption combined with its natural beauty. With our experience in bike construction and design, the idea was developed over a long time. It started as a hobby out of curiosity, then as a side project with optimized constructions and prototypes, and now we are preparing production!

We took in help and feedback from experienced boat builders, skateboard producers and other wood & bamboo experts from around the world. We invested time to find the best materials and the best construction methods.

Interested in the project yourself? We are always looking for collaborators. You are welcome to contact us!


Henning Schnurr studied Industrial Design in the University Wuppertal and Duisburg-Essen and worked for many years as bike designer for clients as German-A and was designing the Red Dot awarded Steelworks bike from ThyssenKrupp with its revolutionary half shell technique.

Tony Hultén comes from an artistic background and is responsible for our visual PR. 

Ida Näslund works as a designer focused on print and pattern design for textile, fashion and interior. She is the owner and founder of Mounid AB.

Niklas Åkerström is a mechanical engineer specialised in product development and is experienced in constructing wooden bikes.
A bike enthusiast and amateur triathlete.

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Henning Schnurr
Skytteskogsgatan 3
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